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Elite HW Interface 2.2.2 for X-Plane 10 & 11 - How to update.

Download Version 2.2.2 Installer.

1. Uninstall the existing version using Windows Control Panel
2. Install the new version you downloaded above.

After the update you need to re-calibrate your flight controls before starting X-Plane!


Elite HW Interface for X-Plane 10 & 11 Version 2.2.2 Update Information

What’s new (2.2.2):
- Fixed Prop Calibration again. Works again in offline mode (X-Plane not running).

What’s new (2.2.1):
- Fixed Prop calibration.

What’s new (2.2.0):
- Fixed USB 2/3 issue with Windows. No longer limitations regarding USB2 or USB3 connections.
- Added support for ProPanel 3
- Added support for Reality XP V2.

What’s new (2.0):
- New installer to support X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11.
- Fixed problem on GPS Module (CLR and COM FLIP) to work with Reality XP software.
- Calibration enabled only for connected devices (ProPanel, Yoke ,Rudder Pedal or Throttle Modules)
- Updated User Manual to new installation procedure.

What’s new (1.7):
- Fixed problem when using multiple ELITE devices of the same type (e.g. 2 NAV/COM Radios)

Note: When using Windows 7 or Vista, all ELITE devices must be plugged into USB2 ports (or via an USB Hub into a USB2 port). Using USB3 ports is not supported under Windows 7 or Vista.

When using Windows 8 or greater, the use of USB3 ports is supported. A mix of USB2 and USB3 ports is also supported.

What’s new (1.6):
- Fixed problem with thrust reverse for King Air Throttle
- Interface does not connect devices until X-Plane runs (no need to shutdown interface before using
  Elite software)

What’s new (1.5):
- X-Plane 10.30 Support
- HSI Source selection via Nav1/Nav2 switch
- Ident functions implemented for ADF, DME, COM/NAV and GPS
- GPS530 support for new X-Plane GPS (Requires X-Plane 10.30).
- Throttle (Piston Only), Prop and Mixture reverse.

What’s new (1.41):
- Support for ProPanel SE USB
- Optimized Processor utilization

What’s new (1.4):

- Support for SimAvio GNS430/530
- Fixes issues when connecting devices to USB 3 ports.
- Minor fixes and adjustments.