Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

This information is provided to assist you with Elite Interface Software upgrades. Make sure to follow the procedures to install the upgrade.

Elite HW Interface 3.1.0 for X-Plane 10 & 11 - How to update.

Download Version 3.1.0 Installer.

1. Uninstall the existing version using Windows Control Panel
2. Install the new version you downloaded above.

After the update you need to re-calibrate your flight controls before starting X-Plane!

NOTE: This is not a free update for versions prior to 3.0! If you are updating from
version 2.X.X, you need a new Serial Number and Activation!

Purchase a new Serial Number here.
If you purchased a License after 30th June 2018, request a free upgrade by sending us an e-mail. Please include your current Serial Number. We will verify eligibility and e-mail you a new Serial Number.

There are no improvements to currently supported Elite Hardware. You do not need to upgrade unless you want support for new Elite Modules (see below). But note that any future improvements will be made in the new version only.

If you want to update to the previous Version (2.2.2), click here.


Elite HW Interface for X-Plane 10 & 11 Version 3.1.0 Update Information

What’s new (3.1.0):

  • Added support for Elite AP2000 (USB Version only!- GPS not supported)
  • Added support for COM Radios with 8.33Khz Frequency spacing

What’s new (3.0.3):

- Minor adjustments and Fixes

What’s new (3.0.2):

- Minor adjustments and Fixes

What’s new (3.0.1):

- Minor adjustments and Fixes

What’s new (3.0.0):
- New Major Version Release. Includes support for the following new Elite Modules:

  • Elite AP5000 Avionics stack (AP4000 with Emuteq G530)
  • Elite Compass
  • Elite E500 Module
  • Elite GTN Module (for Reality XP GTN750/650)
  • Elite EFS40 Module (for Carenado aircraft)