Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

Panel Builder P51D Add-On Version Information

The old FuelTanks (FuelP51D and FuelFuselageP51D) have been replaced with 2 new versions:
FuelP51DFSX (FSX/FSUIPC Version) and FuelP51DXP (X-Plane Version).

Replace the old gauges with the appropriate new gauges in your panel. Don't forget to configure them!


Panel Builder A2A C172 Add-On Version Information

Changed the FSUIPC Interface for A2A to support both the C172 and the PA28.
Adjusted both Artificial Horizons for better performance.
Added customized versions for both NAV1 & NAV2 to fix the NAV flag problem.
Added support for Prepar3D Version 4.
New FSUIPC Interface. Re-write to fix performance issues.
Fixed problem in lua script discovered with FSUIPC Version 4.962
Support for Prepar3D V3
Fixed: Airspeed Indicator C172 doesn’t hide Bezel
NAV1 displays CDI needle correctly when using GPS.
Minor fixes to some instruments
Connection to the A2A C172 Trainer on Prepar3D.
Horizon Bars Adjustment
New Altimeter