Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

This information is provided to assist you with Panel Builder upgrades. Make sure to follow the procedures to receive the correct upgrade for your version.

For a list of what's changed, click here.

Panel Builder DCS Version 2.15.0 Update Information

Update Instructions:

1. Un-Install the previous version using Windows Control Panel
2. Download the Trial Version from the Downloads Section
3. Install Trial Version

Any built panels will be retained.
The software activation is also retained (unless there is a major version change)

Don't forget to download the new user manual from our downloads section.


Here are all current versions of our Aircraft specific Instrument Add-Ons.

Click on the link to download the package.

Un-install your currently installed add-on using Windows Control Panel.
Install the newly downloaded version by double clicking the downloaded file, then follow the on screen instructions.

NOTE: For the installation you require the Installation Password that was sent to you when purchasing the product. Make sure you have this password. If not, contact your reseller.


Panel Builder DCS Add-On P51D

Panel Builder DCS Add-On Gazelle

Panel Builder DCS Add-OnSpitfire

Panel Builder DCS Add-On Huey

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