Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation


Panel Builder is an add-on Instrument Package that allows the creation of custom Instrument Panels to interface with various flight simulators.

The instruments can be run on the same computer as the flight simulator, but this is only recommended for medium sized panels with maybe up to 15 instruments. The preferred installation is to have the instruments installed on a separate, networked computer.

Most instruments contain a configuration option that is accessible via a settings menu option. This is used for setting ranges and/or color bars on the instrument. This enables using the same instrument for a slow piston powered airplane or a high performance turbine powered airplane.


Panel Builder has been design to be modular and therefore easy to expand. It includes the

    simPlugins Interface

    the link between the flight simulator and panel builder across a network. The following Flight Simulators are currently supported:

    • MS Flight Simulator 2020 - SimConnect or FSUIPC Interface
    • MS Flight Simulator X - SimConnect or FSUIPC Interface
    • MS Flight Simulator 2004 (2002) - FSUIPC Interface
    • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D  - SimConnect (V3 to V5) or FSUIPC (V2 to V5)
    • X-Plane 9, 10 and 11 - plugin
    • DCS World - lua script
    • Condor - UDP Interface provided by Condor


    Panel Builder

    the application to design instrument panels

    Individual Instruments

    individual instruments that are combined into panels.

This approach provides an interface to any flight simulator that has an open architecture for third party add-ons. It also allows for the creation of new instruments to be added any time. Instruments currently not available in Panel Builder can be built on request (free or for a cost depending on instrument and application).