Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

Panel Builder for DodoSim 206 Update Information

Whats new Version 2.12.3:

  1. Version Number Update only

Whats new Version 2.12.2:

  1. Version Number Update only

Whats new Version 2.12.1:

  1. Version Number Update only

Whats new Version 2.12.0:

  1. Panel Builder Instruments support now multiple network interfaces in computer

Whats new Version 2.11.0:

  1. Interfaces support now multiple network interfaces in computer
  2. Move a panel to a different monitor.

Whats new Version 2.10.0:

  1. Update version number only - no other changes.

Whats new Version 2.994:

  1. Support for Prepar3D V4.

Whats new Version 2.993:

  1. New FSUIPC Interface.

Whats new Version 2.99:

  1. Fixed the Generator Load Percent display.
  2. The green arc for the Gas Generator now starts at 60% and has other slight graphics updates.
  3. The ChronometerC172 that is included now starts with the temp display as the default.

Whats new Version 2.98:

1. The Interface works now with Prepar3D. We implemented the new Export Utility from Dodosim that supports Prepar3D. Please note that officially Dodosim 206 is not supported under Prepar3D.

Whats new Version 2.97:

1. Fixed interface after is was broken by a previous update.

Whats new Version 2.96:

1. Fixed flickering of several instruments.

Whats new Version 2.95:

1. Warning in Panel Builder when monitor configuration has changed
2. Corrected flags for HSI.

Whats new Version 2.94:

1. Improved performance when using Instrument dials.
2. Automatic Panel Switching (when aircraft in flight sim changes)
3. Interface contain AI Traffic (for future TCAS and Traffic displays).

Whats new Version 2.93:

1. Changed Overtemp Light in TOT Gauge - was missing
2. Added Alternate HSI (looks closer to the one in Dodosim)
3. Added Alternate Artificial Horizon (from C172 - looks closer the one in  Dodosim)
4. Added Chronometer (from C172 - similar to the one in Dodosim)

If you get a message that the Turbine Out Temp instrument is missing from one of your panels, remove the
TOT instrument and add the new version, which has a new name (Turb Temp Helo Light)