Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

Panel Builder MFD GPS Version History


  • Updated version number only to match rest of product range.


  • Flight Plan Sequence Numbers now in order
  • Flight Plan Waypoint Names fixed.
  • Long Flightplans work correctly now, will NOT jump to 2nd leg of Flightplan any longer.


  • Minor cosmetically changes.

1.41 (Patch Release)

  • Fixed problem with saving settings when using GPS within Panel Builder.


  • Added Auto Pilot Link (Heading Bug set for Direct To and Flight Plan)


  • Fixed ‘Direct To’ and ‘Flight Plan’ magenta line drawing when in Track Up mode.


  • Ability to run the GPS as a standalone program (outside of Panel Builder).
  • Added three rocker switches to free up more buttons for future features
  • Simplified text entry using a ‘cursor’ key. See manual for more information
  • Added headings to pages
  • New button on map screen to show/hide configured online map (’de-clutter’).
  • The bezel and buttons can now be hidden independently from the Panel Builder setting.

1.1 (Patch Release)

  • Fixed several problems for Non-English Windows Versions.
  • Fixed resizing.

1.0 - First Release